Taapsee Pannu shares her secret of her love affair with Tamil and Telgu Films

Taapsee Pannu is one of the rare actresses who has successfully balanced her work profile in Bollywood along with good projects in Tamil and Telugu films. She debuted in 2010 with the Telugu film ‘Jhummandi Nadam’, and did over dozen lead roles in South films including ‘Aadukalam’ (2011) and ‘Mr Perfect’ (2011), before she stepped into Bollywood with ‘Chashme Baddoor’ (2013).

She cemented her profile in Bollywood with films like ‘Baby’ (2015), ‘Pink’ (2016), ‘Judwaa 2’ (2017), ‘Badla’ (2019) and ‘Thappad’ (2020) .At the same time she was still and is still a a part of South films. Talking about the balancing act to TOI Taapsee says, “A lot of people had told me that I would have to compromise on one (industry) for the other. I did not understand the logic behind it. The one thing I understood was that when I started off in Hindi films, I wanted to give it more attention, as I had to get used to this industry and be more visible here. But once you have done a fair amount of work in both the industries, then everybody knows what you are capable of. I didn’t worry about making my presence felt more in one industry than the other.”

Tapasee has recently shot for Tamil film with actor Vijay Sethupathi in Jaipur. She further added that she ensures that she does at least one South film every year. She explains, “I don’t have a reason to uproot myself from there. People there are really good to work with. The audience there has liked my films for so many years and continue to do so even after I started working in Hindi films.”
Taapsee thinks that doing films in multiple industries has helped her become a better actress. She elaborates, “Acting is a skill, the more you use it, the better it becomes. Working in different industries, environments and cultures has helped me grow as an actor and a human being. Every time I start a new film, I have to brush up my Tamil or Telugu language skills, which is a learning experience. I consider myself lucky, else who gets the privilege of working in different languages and being accepted in more than one industry? I think it is a luxury.”

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